Stakeholding possibilities with Clean Logistics

By providing practicable, environmentally friendly alternative drive solutions in a short time, Clean Logistics is making a significant contribution to climate protection in commercial freight transportation throughout Europe.

Major topics, such as infrastructural supply, support during operation, economic applicability, issues relating to approvals in the respective markets, recycling scenarios for both components and the vehicles themselves, are integral to the company‘s mission.

During the conception phase, a large number of discussions were held with interested stakeholders from Germany and abroad. As a result, constructive partnerships have developed with reputable companies from the automotive supply industry, political institutions and associated sponsors, infrastructure service providers, certifiers and energy suppliers. The high degree of willingness from all partners to work together demonstrates the importance of the task and the pressure to establish alternative drive systems in heavy freight transportation.


Das Unternehmen Clean Logistics wird in sehr kurzer Zeit ein enormes Wachstum erfahren. Im Rahmen dessen bietet Clean Logistics Unternehmen der automobilen Zulieferindustrie, die auf herstellerunabhängige Vertriebsstrukturen zurückgreifen, lukrative Kooperationsmöglichkeiten.

Des Weiteren bietet Clean Logistics kleinen und mittelständischen Betrieben aus der Nutzfahrzeugbranche ertragreiche Möglichkeiten zur Kooperation im Rahmen der Lohnfertigung.

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