Market situation heavy long-distance traffic

Freight traffic emits some of the highest amounts of CO2, with particulate matter and nitrogen oxides polluting cities. At the same time, under the Paris Convention on Climate Change, Germany has set itself the target of an 80 to 95 percent reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions 2050 relative to the 1990 levels. According to the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, this means a virtually complete decarbonisation of the transport sector. In the process, traffic emissions are to be reduced by 40 to 42 percent by 2030.

One particular challenge is road freight transport, which is forecast to increase by 39 percent by 2030. Trucks currently account for over 70 percent of the freight traffic in Germany.

In the case of heavy long-distance traffic in particular, it is therefore important to find appropriate solutions in order to achieve the agreed climate protection objectives. More than 600,000 heavy trucks (>12 tonnes) are currently registered in Germany alone and are the main source of CO2 emissions. In Europe, the number of heavy freight vehicles in service is over 2,000,000 vehicles (for the most part emission classes Euro 4 to Euro 6).



Anteil Lkw im Güterverkehr in Deutschland (laut Modal-Split)

Clean Logistics: Development and implementation of alternative drives for heavy freight transportation

This situation prompted Clean Logistics to develop a mid-tier and strongly entrepreneurial concept for alternative drives for heavy freight transportation. Clean Logistics relies on the use of hydrogen fuel cells in conjunction with an electric rear axle drive. With the HyBatt Truck, a conversion concept for heavy freight transportation has been developed that ultimately results in zero emissions when used on the road.

Die Leistungsdaten der Brennstoffzelle sind überzeugend: Reichweitenvorteile, schnelle Betankung, hohe Flexibilität in der Bereitstellung des Kraftstoffs und deutlich verminderter Verschleiß zeigen das Potenzial des Antriebs auf.

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