Partners of Clean Logistics

Höpen GmbH is a family-owned holding company for the management of investments, among others in the fields of maritime engineering & supply, electrification of vehicles and energy storage media. The company will provide for the incorporation of the holding network and the provision of management capacities.

eCap is a specialized electromobility company with over 30 employees at the Winsen (Luhe) site. As part of the partnership with Clean Logistics, eCap is the system integrator of all components required for electrification. The vehicle control system required for operation will also be jointly developed and implemented.

HYDAC is a group of companies with over 9,000 employees. For Clean Logistics, HYDAC will be responsible for the design, manufacture, individual acceptance and commissioning of an H2 tank system required for the use case, as well as the co-development of a telemetry system for monitoring the ensuing truck fleet.

Ziehl-Abegg is a German manufacturer of fans for ventilation and air-conditioning technology as well as drive motors. The company employs 3,900 people at 16 locations and is designing an electric rear-axle drive for Clean Logistics suitable for series application.

SISU Axles is a manufacturer of heavy vehicle axles in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The company is responsible for the development of an axle beam for semi-trailer trucks in coordination with our partner Ziehl-Abegg as part of the Clean Logistics partnership.

TÜV Nord is supporting the first five prototype vehicles from Clean Logistics in the areas of design, production and acceptance to attain individual homologation of these trucks. In parallel, homologation of the powertrain developed later on is also to be pursued.

iQuando is a provider of qualifications as a state-certified technician and of advanced training in the areas of digitalization, Industry 4.0 and electromobility. For Clean Logistics, iQuando is developing a blended learning concept and qualifying technical service personnel.

SEGULA Technologies is a full-service provider for end-to-end development and testing services for entire vehicles and powertrains. The total of eight German locations includes a fully equipped engineering campus in Rüsselsheim with extensive and efficient testing facilities, test laboratories and workshops. The company also operates a test center south-east of Frankfurt with around 80 km of test tracks.

Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH, based in Vilshofen an der Donau in Lower Bavaria, is one of the European market leaders in the field of special vehicle construction. Every year, the chassis specialists perform chassis conversions, axle modifications, frame extensions and special configurations on up to 1,000 commercial vehicles.

In the fields of solar, wind and biogas, GP JOULE provides support in all project phases, from the initial idea to its implementation, and also provides support for completed systems after their commissioning as part of professional operational management.

H2 MOBILITY is working to establish a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure in Germany. There is no comparable entrepreneurial initiative anywhere in the world that views the introduction of an emission-free fuel as a national task and is pursuing this goal.

A climate-neutral society is the goal. Innovative technologies and concepts are the way to achieve it. NOW GmbH is working on this at the interface of policy-making, industry and research on behalf of the German federal government.

APEX Group, headquartered in Rostock-Laage, is an established player in the renewable energy market. APEX Group's business model is based on two pillars: the project business and the storage business.

Headquartered in Ohio, Swagelok employs more than 5,500 people in 20 manufacturing facilities as a designer and supplier of fluid system components, assemblies, training and services to the following industries: Oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, semiconductor, and transport.

Worthington Industries is a global, diversified metals manufacturer. The company offers a broad range of skills, products and services for a variety of markets and is the world's leading supplier of pressure tanks and cylinders.

REFIRE, headquartered in Shanghai, is a leading global supplier of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell technologies. The company specializes in fuel cell systems for trucks, buses, specialty vehicles, power supplies and marine applications.

Becker Marine Systems is the market leader for high-performance rudders and energy-saving solutions in the maritime industry. In addition, the company offers a wide range of system solutions from the field of alternative energies, including the innovative COBRA battery system.

Stakeholding - become a partner

By providing practicable, environmentally friendly alternative drive solutions in a short time, Clean Logistics is making a significant contribution to climate protection in commercial freight transport throughout Europe. Major topics, such as infrastructural supply, support during operation, economic applicability, issues relating to approvals in the respective markets, recycling scenarios for both components and the vehicles themselves, are integral to the company's mission.

During the conception phase, a large number of discussions were held with interested stakeholders from Germany and abroad. As a result, constructive partnerships have developed with reputable companies from the automotive and supply industry, political institutions and associated sponsors, infrastructure service providers, certifiers and energy suppliers.

Clean Logistics is experiencing tremendous growth. Within this framework, we offer lucrative opportunities for cooperation to companies in the automotive supply industry that rely on manufacturer-independent sales structures. In addition, we offer small and medium-sized companies in the commercial vehicle sector profitable opportunities for cooperation as part of contract manufacturing.