The Clean Logistics Network

The Clean Energy Partnership is a strong industry partnership pursuing one goal: The nationwide establishment of green mobility with hydrogen and fuel cells. Technology, petroleum and energy companies, gas producers and automobile manufacturers across sectors have joined forces here.

The German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV) is the umbrella organization representing everyone in Germany who is committed to the general use of hydrogen as an energy source in the economy and to hydrogen being produced from renewable energies – for a sustainable energy economy.

The H2 Süd e.V. hydrogen initiative is a competent contact for companies, initiatives, policy-makers and researchers on the subject of hydrogen. The association stands for a pragmatic approach to the production and use of hydrogen. The harmonization of ecology and economy is the top priority.

Wasserstoff-Gesellschaft Hamburg e. V. promotes the introduction of environmentally friendly hydrogen energy into the energy economy and promotes hydrogen in public, initiates projects and spreads the knowledge of hydrogen as an energy source of the future in schools, universities or other educational institutions.

Renewable Energy Hamburg ("Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg") is a network for strengthening and promoting cooperation in the development of renewable energy based in Hamburg. The core topics are wind energy, onshore and offshore, heat, sector coupling and storage. Another focus has been green hydrogen since 2021.

Hyways for Future is the new hydrogen model region in north-western Germany. Together, business, policy-makers and the public are turning a vision of the future into everyday life. And this everyday life is starting now.