Conversion from diesel to hydrogen drive

CO2 emissions: 5 to 12 in road freight transport

Freight transport produces huge amounts of CO2 and is a major contributor to the rise in global temperatures – particulates and nitrogen oxides cause pollution in cities. With the goal of reducing CO2 emissions in the transport sector by up to 48% by 2030, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is promoting, among other things, the purchase of trucks with climate-friendly drives. Accordingly, within this decade, one-third of the mileage in heavy road freight transport is to be achieved with emission-free drives. To achieve this, one-third of all semi-trailer trucks in German road freight transport will have to be emission-free by 2030, equivalent to approximately 145,000 semi-trailer trucks.

The emission-free vehicles needed for this are still far from being insight on the part of established manufacturers (OEMs) at the German and European level. Clean Logistics offers its customers tailor-made solutions for the climate-friendly conversion of entire fleets by converting existing trucks to emission-free hydrogen drives. Electrically driven and powered by hydrogen using proven fuel cell technology, the HyBatt Truck from Clean Logistics is a lucrative solution for the decarbonisation of heavy road transport that in many respects is now ready for the market.


Global temperature increase (°C) compared to pre-industrial times

Development of CO2 emissions in Germany 1990 – 2020